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Denis Mackenzie CSG

Can Psychologists Help with Addictions?

By Denis Mackenzie

In general, experts in psychology can help their patients with a broad range of psychological and emotional issues – ranging from helping students to learn, to treating those in a military setting. However, one of the most common issues that many of these kinds of professionals are tasked with treating is helping those with addictions.

Specialists in addition

Also known as behavioural disorder and substance abuse psychologists, these types of individuals often have a great deal of knowledge on addictions and the effects that they can have on a person’s life. With the expertise required to get to the root of the problem and help a patient to overcome their dependency, it’s not hard to see why so many types of addicts have been able to change their lives thanks to someone that’s licensed and trained to deal with these types of issues.

In general, many kinds of addicts will be able to get help from a specialist in this kind of psychology. Helping people with gambling, alcohol and even internet addictions are just a few of the things that these experts can often help with. As specialists in the psychological side of addiction, these types of professionals are often able to help their patients to overcome their mental dependencies.

What do they do?

In most cases, a professional in addiction psychology will try to discover if there is an underlying issue for dependency. They’ll work with their clients to try and find what triggers their cravings, or what behavioural and habitual patterns they’ve developed. These things can often be crucial to overcoming a dependency of any kind.

Generally, they’ll analyse addictions and behavioural problems, evaluate a patient’s psychological (and often physical) health, try to create treatment plans and goals for the client and much more. Often, aside from their extensive knowledge in the field, it’s their work on trying to understand specific additions, making plans and taking steps to overcome issues that make these professionals so good at their jobs.

A few of the methods that can be used to help people with additions include cognitive behavioural therapy, tasks to improve mindfulness and different kinds of relaxation strategies. Most of the time, working with the client to reach their goals is crucial, as well as finding out what treatments and methods are most effective.

While an addiction psychologist such as those that can be found at Transformations Treatment Center, will often be able to work wonders for their patients, it’s important to remember that all cases are unique. Some dependencies may be stronger than others, whilst some people may not be as willing to try treatment as others. All of these factors can determine how simple or difficult it will be to cure a person’s psychological addiction.