Property Management

Denis Mackenzie Real Estate

If the owner decides to let their property out to tenants, there may be times when repairs or upgrades and maintenance need to take place. A good property manager will be able to see to these requirements; saving the owner time and stress in the process. If something goes wrong with the electrical systems, or if an event occurs with the plumbing, knowing that a dedicated expert is on hand to look after the home can be beneficial. At Denis Mackenzie Real Estate we can take care of both.


They can be both. In fact, many managers work on an individual basis and have a selection of homes that they look after; often preparing them by arranging for cleaners before a holiday-stay, or having a pool cleaner come in to look after the swimming area. They can also help by paying bills on behalf of the owner, as well as showing potential tenants around and collecting rent.

The same can be said for agencies. Where an individual manager may turn to third parties for help when it comes to cleaning and maintenance – an agency will often employ its own selection of specialist service providers. The end result will typically be the same, so it comes down to the home owner’s preference as far as who they hire is concerned.

Some prefer the individual working relationships that can be developed when hiring solo providers. Others enjoy the potential of agencies that can offer quick turnaround as far as maintenance is concerned. The good news is that regardless of the type of manager hired to look after a home – they should be able to look after the property and benefit the owner in many ways, allowing them to relax in the knowledge that their property is in the best of hands.